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I could not have asked for a better product or process. I enormously value the level of passion and professionalism that they brought to the project and I was extremely happy with the final results. 

Tracy Maki Valley Outreach - Executive Director

eric mandel

As a Producer, Jeff has a gift for asking the right questions and getting to a story that is compelling and speaks to people's hearts. I could have not been more pleased with the finished product. It exceeded all expectations!

Jennifer Snyder Family Means

Jennifer Snyder

Storyboard Films produced a magnificent video for our annual fundraiser. They were easy and fun to work with and crafted a heartfelt story on a very delicate subject. More importantly we shattered our previous record for fundraising!

Ginger Venable Hammer Residences

ehren seim
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Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does it cost to produce a fundraising video?
A lone videographer who will shoot and edit what you ask them to shoot can be as cheap as $1K.  Agencies in expensive offices that pack projects with big teams can run north of $20K.  The best value lies somewhere in between where you find a nimble professional crew that can help produce and shape content for your desired end goal.  

How long should a fundraising video be?
Consider your audience and where they are watching the video.  If you are casting a wide net over the internet, then your video should be under 2 minutes - 90 seconds if possible. If you’re showing it to a group of loyal supporters at a live event then you can go anywhere from 5-10 minutes. Just make sure the video is interesting and engaging.  Click here for a longer discussion on this topic.

What should the fundraising video be about?
Focus on the heart and not the mind. Individual stories always trump stats.  Above all focus on inspiration and not information. Communicate why what you do in this world is important and the impact it’s having. Click here for a longer discussion on this topic. 

Who should appear in a fundraising video?  
Recruit people who are not only willing but want to be in the video. Focus less on job title and seniority and more on people who are well spoken and have tremendous passion. Click here for more discussion on this topic.

Should we use a script for our fundraising video?
Hell no!  Nothing sucks the life out of a video like someone reading a script. Instead of a script, develop themes and broad questions that will help stimulate meaningful conversations. The best way to develop a personal connection with an audience is to highlight real people speaking in their own words. Click here for a longer discussion on this topic.

What does the process look like?
We kick off projects with a creative meeting that helps us identify the video’s strategy, story and people and things to shoot. Once a game plan is identified, shooting is scheduled and a few weeks later an initial draft is uploaded for review. We continue to iterate until the client is happy!    

What do we need to know about showing the video at our event?  
Pay attention to the size of your screen - bigger is always better.  Test the audio system - louder and clear is important.  Make sure you can dim or turn off the lights.  You want it to feel like a movie theater.  Click here for a video on this topic.

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