Recruiting Video Production

Showcase Your Company, Employees & Passion

A well produced recruiting video is one of the best ways to attract new talent. Candidates get a true sense of what the company is like by hearing first hand from employees and staff. It also jump starts the relationship building process and gives candidates a level of comfort.

Samples below:


Company Recruiting


Perspective and commentary from a wide variety of employees and job functions.

Career Recruiting

Highlighting the opportunity of a career in investment banking and the potential for growth.


Program Recruiting

Painting a picture for the tremendous opportunity The Anderson Residency Program provides.

Volunteer Recruiting

Showing the need and value of volunteering as a caregiver.


“Not only is the quality of the end product exceptional, but the process of working with Storyboard was great. And, we came in under budget.”

— Chuck Hermes / Clockwork