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4 Tips For Producing A Great Recruiting Video

Posted by Jeff Brandt on Feb 16, 2015 11:44:00 AM

Video is a great tool for recruiting top talent. When people are looking for a new job, they are obviously interested in job description, pay, benefits and stuff like that. But they are equally interested in getting a feel for the company, its culture and its employees. Video can give candidates an inside look at a company. And best of all, it’s scalable. You don’t need to conduct a bunch of informational interviews and tours. One good video can serve anyone that’s interested in the company. We just finished a recruiting video for a successful software company that is experiencing tremendous growth. Here are 4 tips we used.

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5 Solid Gold Tips For Making A Recruiting Video

Posted by Jeff Brandt on Jan 14, 2014 11:40:00 AM

When people are looking for a new job, they are primarily interested in two things - the work and the people.

Determining what the work entails is usually an easier task than figuring out what the people and culture are like. For most, the people are actually more important than the work. So how do you give applicants a feel for your company without having them come visit and talk to several different employees? Drum roll please…. a recruiting video. It can be an incredibly efficient way to make a strong first impression and attract top talent. Take a look at this example below.   

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