Tips For Hiring A Video Production Company in Minneapolis

We were just added to the fine list of Minneapolis Ad Agencies at I thought it would be a good time to share my thoughts on what questions to ask when hiring a video production company.

Does the company understand content? If you’re serious about creating a compelling video that engages your audience, you must have good content. A good video production company will have lots of experience with a variety of subject matters. Tell them what you're trying to do and see if they can provide useful feedback and direction. If you just hire someone to show up and press record, you will be missing out on valuable expertise that could make or break your video.

Does the company have a clear process? It's very difficult to go from an initial idea to a finished video without a clear process. Good video producers can explain the steps involved and clearly define roles and responsibilities. Make sure that you are comfortable with your level of involvement and that the approach fits for the type of video you are trying to create.

Does the company have good video samples? All video companies will have plenty of sample videos for you to view. The most important thing to consider when evaluating them is whether or not the video engaged you and held your interest. If it passes that test, then carefully look at the components of the video. Does it have great sound? Do the interviews look good? Do they present people in a positive light? Finally, look at the cutaway, or b-roll, footage used. Does it add to the storytelling or is it a distraction?

Does the company offer a good value? The video world has changed drastically in the last 5 years. Technology continues to improve and bring the price of high end video production down. Like most industries there's a wide spectrum of providers. On on end you have videographers that will show up and run a camera. On the other end you have big agencies with big teams and equally big budgets. I think you'll find the best value somewhere in the middle of that spectrum. Someone who can provide great results without breaking the bank.

Does the company have good reviews? Finally, feedback reveals it all. Read about former client’s experiences with the company to ensure that they’re worth the investment. How did the company collaborate with the client? Was the client satisfied with the final product?

I hope this is helpful and best of luck in all your video pursuits!


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