Creative Ways To Produce Web Video Content With Less Effort

The shift from traditional marketing to content marketing has put a lot of pressure on organizations to regularly create and share content. Producing this content from the ground up can be a painful and time intensive exercise. It’s a lot easier to build a content creation process that taps into the things you are already doing. One great example of this, is mining a live event for content and then repurposing it for online consumption.

I regularly do work with the Minnesota Branch of AARP. Last fall they offered a unique film and discussion series where they brought together critically-acclaimed movies with the people behind the story or experts in the field. One pairing was Frank Abagnale, who was the inspiration for the movie Catch Me If You Can. Frank had also been hired as the Ambassador for the AARP Fraud Watch Network.

Knowing that Frank was going to be in town for a live discussion, they hired us to interview him prior to the event. I thought this was a great call and worth sharing. Rather than create something from scratch they were adapting an already planned event so they could produce additional content.

They also viewed the interview as an opportunity for multiple videos and not just one. The answer to each question served as the basis for 5 bite sized videos that they could release over time. I think this is a critical paradigm shift that smart content producers must make when it comes to video. When incurring the cost of video production, don’t think in terms of one video. Think about how you can leverage your video assets into as many different videos as possible.

Here is a sample of one of the videos we produced…


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