A Different Kind of Video Testimonial

I’m a huge proponent of documentary-style video for promoting all sorts of programs and organizations. When possible, I think combining that approach with customers/clients who are willing to talk about a positive experience is a home run. But there are always exceptions...right?

I recently worked on a promotional video for a retreat center. We had every intention of producing a video testimonial that focused mostly on interviewing guests, but something wasn't quite right. For most, a retreat center is a blank canvas. Different groups use the center in different ways. With that in mind, we didn’t want to be too specific. We wanted to create something that gave viewers a chance to put themselves in the retreat setting and imagine what they could do there.

To achieve this goal, we focused entirely on shooting scenes that showed off the facility. Then we added a little text to help guide the viewer's imagination.

  • In the St. Croix River Valley

  • 40 minutes from the Twin Cities

  • A chance to play...

  • to be on the river

  • to walk in the woods

  • to take a deep breath

  • to reflect

  • to come together

  • Dunrovin Retreat Center


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